Perrigo is proud to offer a number of different packaging options to fit the varied needs of our customers. With multiple pack types, sizes and fill weights, we can find a packaging solution to fit any market. Perrigo has two distinct packaging lines in house at our Vermont manufacturing facility, enabling total quality control of our product from start to finish.


Perrigo's New SmarTubs of Infant Formulas

Perrigo’s new SmarTubs® offer our customers a unique and exclusive packaging choice with several innovative features such as CleanPull technology for ease of opening, the Accumeasure scoop leveler for proper preparation, and the SimpleSlide scoop holder for cleanliness & hygiene.

SmarTubs® are available in 3 sizes, Small (609g to 730g), Medium (894g to 1190g), and Large (1248g to 1360g) and lids come in blue, orange, yellow, white, or purple.


Perrigo Infant Formulas Litho Packaging

Our classic lithography cans are 100% steel cans with the label printed directly onto the steel. Available in ridged or smooth formats, they offer the highest degree of protection from counterfeiting.

Litho cans are available in 400g, 700g, 900g, and 1400g sizes.

Steel with Paper label

Perrigo Infant Formulas Steel with Paper Label Packaging

For more distinct labeling, we offer packaging of steel cans rolled with a paper label. This offers some more varied design options that are limited by litho printing.

Steel cans with paper labeling are available in 400g, 700g, 900g, and 1400g sizes.

Composite with Paper label

Perrigo Nutritionals Composite with Paper Label Cans

For the most price sensitive markets, we offer composite cans with paper labeling. These cans are a composite of foil and cardboard and replicate the look and feel of steel cans at a fraction of the cost.

Composite cans with paper labeling are available in 400g, 700g, 900g, and 1400g sizes.